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Tackling the Challenges of Steering CommitteesGenerally speaking, there are four challenges to holding meaningful steering committees:

Time – Group discussions are difficult to oversee. Stakeholders have busy schedules, it is often challenging for members to meet at one time to discuss issues.

Depth of Discussion – Because the goal of a steering committee is to evoke meaningful discussion around key topics, it’s important for all participants to have a voice.

Document management – From overflowing inboxes to multiple versions of documentation, it is important to maintain an up-to-date repository for vital documents.

Compliance – Steering committees are often privy to confidential information. Maintaining a secure, compliant environment for all communications is crucial.

In the following video, we discuss how a virtual steering committee meeting can address these four challenges, offering participants a secure, easily accessible platform that improves communications between all participants, ensuring project success.

speechBubbles.jpg "No traveling, and the comfort of doing it from my office or home at any time was terrific!"

- Steering Committee Participant

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